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The Christian Wedding as Worship
After weeks, months or perhaps years, the two of you have come to the place in your lives where you desire to express before God your
total commitment to one another. The steps leading to this point may not have been easy. Yet prayerfully and in faith you now desire to be joined as husband and wife in a Christian marriage ceremony.

A Christian wedding has as its primary focus the triune God and, as such, it is first and foremost a worship service. It is an opportunity to acknowledge God, the Father, as the source of your life and existence. He has prepared you for this special relationship. Thus, with thankfulness and praise, you can affirm that God is love!

It is a time to publicly affirm your faith in Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. The forgiveness and love, which you receive through Christ, is that which He desires you to share with one another in ever increasing measure.

It is also the time for you to receive the blessing of the Holy Spirit upon your union, receive His blessing of unity, peace and joy, and be empowered for witness and service as co-workers in the Gospel.

Many will come to share in your joy. Family members, friends and neighbors all desire to sense the presence of God as you worship and praise Him through your Christian marriage ceremony. They are not merely observers or witnesses of this service. As you prepare you marriage ceremony look for ways to provide opportunities for all who are present to participate in your worship during this time.

Conduct appropriate to a Christian marriage ceremony in expected from the bride, groom and wedding party.

Please see our attached Trinity Wedding Handbook above for further information on scheduling and preparing for your special day!

It is especially important that you call the church office at (218) 281-4276 to see which dates are still available. Open dates can and do change daily.


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