Trinity Lutheran COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency Plan
June 15, 2020

COVID-19 is a new coronavirus that is easily spread from person to person. Symptoms can range from mild (or no symptoms) to severe illness. Symptoms include: fever, chills, new cough, shortness of breath, new sore throat, new muscle aches, new headache, new loss of smell or taste.
Older adults (65+) or people with existing chronic medical conditions are at risk of becoming seriously ill with COVID-19. Complications can include: pneumonia and trouble breathing, organ failure, heart problems, severe lung condition (acute respiratory distress syndrome), blood clots, acute kidney failure, and additional viral and bacterial infections.
The Trinity Lutheran Church Council has taken time to read pages of documents and recommendations from the Center of Disease Control, the Minnesota Department of Health as well as consultations with Polk County Public Health, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Decisions about policies are based on the protection of our most vulnerable populations and in keeping with Jesus’ command to “Love God, Love Neighbor.”
Phased-in reopening worship.
Those planning to attend worship should ensure they are not sick, do not present the symptoms listed above, and will wear a facemask upon entering the Trinity property. Church doors will open at 8:45 a.m. An usher will direct those attending to be seated in any open designated seating area to accommodate our limited capacity worship space. Hymnals will be removed and no congregational singing. Words to the music being sung by worship leader(s) will be projected onto the screen. You may want to hum along if you like.
People will honor social distancing (at least 6 feet of separation) and keep their face masks over mouth and nose. No physical contact with other people (i.e. no hugging, no shaking hands, no fist bumps, no high fives). When worship is over, people are asked to proceed outdoors as expediently as possible honoring social distancing. People may visit with each other outdoors while still wearing their masks and honoring social distancing.
If Holy Communion is offered, please follow the instructions of the pastor(s).
Those attending worship are restricted to using only the sanctuary level bathrooms. Office level bathrooms are for Trinity employees only.
Trinity Point phased in policies.
Trinity Point is still closed to the general public during this time of pandemic.
Trinity Lutheran Church members will be only people to have access to Trinity Point. Members wanting to make use of Trinity Point are requested to call the Trinity Point Site Director at 218.687.4380 to ensure there is space available to practice social distancing. Trinity members entering Trinity Point will register with the TP Site Director in case there is a need to track people should there be an outbreak of infection. TLC members will have access to beach and public boat docks.
Trinity Lutheran members may invite people to join them at Trinity Point or to visit their campsite. Please notify the Trinity Point Site Director ahead of time of your invitations. Trinity members should consider their comfort level with those they invite as to the safety and prevention of transmission. We ask that all people wear facemasks and honor social distancing while at Trinity Point. All people at Trinity Point must register with the Trinity Point Site Director with a name and phone number in the event of reported COVID-19 infection or exposure. Campsites may accommodate up to fifteen people as long as they can practice social distancing in the campsite.
TLC members who are not campers are to stay away from campsites unless invited by a camper. Invited households are to stay within the campsite that invited them. In anticipation of Independence Day, this policy is to limit the number of people at Trinity Point and maintain a limited capacity given restrictions with exposure, bathrooms, and available space for everyone to practice social distancing. Keep in mind our most vulnerable members who may be at Trinity Point and practice these protocols that keep them safe.
Social distancing will be self-monitored among campers, by Trinity Point Team, Property Resources Team, and staff.  In accordance with state health guidelines, all campers are recommended to wear cloth face coverings when they are moving outside of their assigned campsite and in proximity (10 feet or less) of campers from other campsites (i.e. people from other households).   Everyone should carry a cloth face covering with you when you are outside your assigned campsite in case you encounter campers from other campsites. It is expected that visitors follow these guidelines too.
Overnight guests at campsites can be allowed from outside the household as long as social distancing is followed. There is a tent option within the Trinity Point Guidelines. Overnight campers are expected to pay the regular overnight fees.
Should someone at Trinity Point contract COVID-19 infection or be exposed to a carrier, it is requested that they inform the Trinity Point Site Director. It is expected that people in quarantine or isolation do so at their primary residence and not at Trinity Point. Trinity Lutheran will need to be ready to further adapt these protocols, and even close Trinity Point, if conditions or information changes and public health considerations warrant doing so.
Bathhouses will be open during the week. Supplies will be available to clean up after yourself. Parents of children using bathhouses should ensure a safe clean up. A daily cleaning schedule will be posted. On weekends both shelters will be open. Campers are encouraged to use their own RV bathroom.
Playground will be opened and should be supervised by an adult to ensure hand washing before and after use and to ensure social distancing. Signage will be in place to instruct adults about playground usage and use at your own risk. Basketball and volleyball games will be only with immediate family and bring your own basketballs and volleyballs.
Shelter can be available for no more than ten people. People should wear facemasks and practice social distancing. Call the Trinity Point Site Director for scheduling and needs. There will be no Sunday worship until deemed safe to do so.
Septic tanks in need of pumping are to notify the TP Site Director when need arises.
Boating (directly from MN DNR and MN Dept. of Health)
1.   Consider boating only with those in your household.
2.   If you boat with people not from your household, limit passengers as needed to maintain a minimum six-foot distance between people from different households at all times, recognizing that vessel size and design affects capacity.
3.  Maintain a minimum of six-foot separation between boats. Beaching or rafting with other boats is not allowed.
4.  When launching/loading your boat, give those ahead of you plenty of time and space to finish launching or loading before you approach.
5.  Be aware that conditions of water access sites may differ from those encountered in previous years.
If concerns arise about the practice of these protocols, people can use the grievance process as described in the Trinity Point Guidelines.




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